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Aloft Benching Series

  • Aloft worksurfaces are offered at fixed height, manual crank or fluid programmable motorized option
  • Aloft offers multiple worksurface shapes to meet the needs different workstyles. Its height adjustable 120 degree worksurfaces maximize space and provide more room to work. 
  • Additionally, privacy can be achieved at any height with screens that are mounted to Aloft's worksurfaces.
  • Aloft’s under the worksurface lateral baskets and vertical belts keep the office neat while channeling cables to the worksurface.The under-mount power can support up to four duplex outlets or combinations with two USBs per seat.  
  • Aloft is a pod based benching application, cannot by singles

*Call for Pricing*

  • Product Info

    AIS Aloft achieves the benefits of a benching system, with the plus the of ergonomic health advantages by letting your team members choose their most comfortable working posture. Aloft strives on clean lines, and being able to hide cables with vertical cable carrier belts and wire-management baskets are built into each workspace, keeping the office neat, while ensuring clearance for users' legs. 

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