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Workstation systems will grow with you, whether you're a small start-up or an established organization. 


 HON task chairs make your productivity, creativity, and well-being top priority.


 HON desks stand the test of time with remarkable durability, dynamic design, and adaptability.

Height Adjustable

Height-adjustable, stretch your legs or sit tight - whatever helps you get the job done in comfort.


Put the Pedal to the Metal

Accelerate your speed of business.

Clean Design Encourages a Streamlined Workflow

Clean, modern designs encourage productivity and a streamlined workflow. Multiple configurations through a single solution and flexibility throughout each area of your space. Design features, including 120° and 72” panels, frameless glass, stacking panels and swinging doors, means it’s able to adapt to any user's needs. With countless fabric options, the possibilities to make your workstation your own are endless.


Design Flexibility

You know how quickly business can change. You have to be nimble, adaptable. Accelerate is a streamlined and refined system that offers style and comfort while minimizing startup time and costs.