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To Stand Or Sit? That’s The Big Question

More and more offices are incorporating standing desks into their design—and for a lot of good reasons. If you’re opening a new office or just renovating your old one, here’s what you should know about a standing workstation.

On average, American’s spend up to 80% of their waking hours sitting. During a normal 16-hour day, that adds up to 12.8 hours of sitting!

Now, consider this: recent research suggests that there’s a connection between excessive sitting time and many chronic conditions, including diabetes, heart disease and colon cancer. In fact, there is a 15% increased risk of death in the next three years if you sit for 8-11 hours every day, compared to those who sit for less than four hours per day.

There are many ways to reduce the amount of time you sit at an office desk, including standing up every time you take a phone call, positioning your printer far away from your desk, standing during meetings and even including stand-and-stretch breaks during meetings. But one of the easiest ways to reduce sitting at work is a standing workstation.

There are two ways to accomplish a standing workstation. First, use a height-adjustable sit-stand workstation or second, use a raised platform on a standard desk for a permanent standing workstation.

Choose The Right Sit Stand Workstation At Desks, Inc. In Denver

Are you ready for a healthier way to work for you and your employees? Desks, Inc. in Denver, CO has a wide selection of standing workstations. Whether you’re outfitting a corporate office, call center, shared workspace or even a home office, you’re sure to find the ideal standing workstation at Desks, Incorporated. You can also take advantage of our design services! We hope you’ll visit our showroom and talk with one of our office furniture experts soon.

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