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The Top Office Design Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

The company you started is outgrowing your office and it’s time to move into a bigger space. Or maybe you just want to reorganize your current office layout. Good for you! Now you want to make sure you avoid common office design mistakes—and the price tags that go along with them. So where do you start?

The first thing you have to do is to give yourself ample time to do the job right. You’ll need time to consult with contractors, space planners, designers and the like—and time to do some creative brainstorming. If you’re the one in charge, you’re already busy running your company so you’ll have to give yourself even more time. If you’re assigning a staff member to do the job, you need to be sure they have the bandwidth and time to do the job right. It’s all about planning ahead.

Mistake #1: The Corner Office

Corner offices are going along the wayside. Today’s trend is to place enclosed spaces (like offices and boardrooms) at the core of a building, where elevators and bathrooms have traditionally been located. Instead, place break-rooms, multi-purpose work stations and shared space where the best views are.

Mistake #2: Acoustics

Because so many offices are using open designs, acoustics have become very important. You need to control noise levels so people can work comfortably without excess noise from equipment or other employees. Rugs, upholstered furnishings and wall panels can help control sound.

Mistake #3: Do What’s Been Done Before

Every company is different, so every office space should be unique. Just because it worked at a previous office you worked in doesn’t mean it’s a design feature that’s right for your new office. That’s why it’s wise to work with design professionals who have “seen it all” and can guide you to what will work best for your unique situation.

Talk To An Expert

If you’re looking for help with your office design, talk to one of the experts at Desks, Incorporated in Denver CO. We’ve been helping businesses large and small with their office design, furnishings, storage, delivery and more since 1956. We’re an independent, family owned and operated company that believes in exceptional customer service, every step of the way. We’d love to help you create the ideal office environment—within your budget!

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