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New Workspace Trends: Are You Future Proofing?

The business world is moving and changing faster than ever.  Workplace design now has a real impact on productivity and your bottom line.  Research from Gensler, a global architect and design firm, tells us that poor workplace design costs U.S. businesses an estimated 330 billion dollars in lost productivity each year.
At Desks, Incorporated we stay on top of the trends to make sure your workspace is at it’s most efficient and productive.  We believe in future proofing.  That’s the art of using flexible workstations, wall systems and accessories that will allow you to change your office space to meet current and future needs. The rate of market change means you may need a workspace design for job functions that may not even exist currently.  Using flexible components NOW, means easy adaptability in the future. We’re doing it at our own showrooms and offices right now.  Flexible wall systems are geared for future growth and great style now.  Desks, Incorporated has what you need
While we can’t predict the future exactly, we know it will look different than the present, be ready for change.
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